We help busy professionals who need to have a consistent online video presence but don’t have the time to create it.

Intro Price $599

Your challenge:

You want to create quality videos but you don’t have the time or resources to hire a production company?

Our solution:

8 fully produced videos that include your own animated logo and graphics without having to purchase any fancy video equipment or learn complicated editing programs.

Your time is valuable

With our simple process, we take the fear out of making videos along with the headache of having to create content on a regular basis.


With Loyalty Vidz, you are only spending 60-90 minutes per month to have your engaging video content created and posted for you for the entire month.

Save Hours and receive a month full of content

You want to post more content. You know it’s essential in gaining exposure and growing your business, but you just don’t have the time. You’re wearing too many other hats.

Don’t waste any more time trying to pull it together let LoyaltyVidz create the content for you.

Our process

Step 1

We set up an onboarding call where we discuss questions and topics you would like to talk about.

Step 2

We record a 60 min. Zoom interview covering the subjects we discussed during the onboarding call.

Step 3

We take that Zoom recording and create 8 fully produced mini videos of valuable content.

Step 4

We then post the videos across your social media platforms to entice the viewer to click on the videos.

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